Medico-Legal Services - Psychiatry & Neurology

Platinum Medico-Legal Pty Ltd was founded and is directed by Professor Lorraine Dennerstein AO, a senior academic, clinician and researcher with over two decades of experience in complex medico-legal matters.


Our medico-legal reports are of consistently high quality. We are renowned for our diagnostic acumen and thoroughness in assessment of the patient, review of documentation and sorting out the diagnostic, causality, management, impairment and work capacity issues.

Concise and clearly written medico-legal opinions enable the client to understand the reasoning and answers to their questions. For the corporate client key issues of safety in the workplace, capacity for pre-injury and other duties and need for any restrictions are addressed.


Our medico-legal assessments are completed in a timely way. For most medico-legal reports we offer a 7 day turnaround from time of patient assessment.

Type of Cases

We aim at the high value cases such as those coming to reinsurers, medical negligence or other complex matters.

Our medico-legal services are available for court work as expert witness if needed. File review is another way in which we can offer medico-legal advice.

Client Base

We work with the plaintiff lawyers , corporate, insurance, reinsurance, and medical negligence areas. Platinum Medico-Legal has been formed in response to a recognized need for a high quality service.

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Although our medico-legal services are based in Melbourne we regularly see clients in Sydney and Brisbane.